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Your digital identity and security of communications at your palm

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Signet App in easy steps

  1. Install the Signet App to your mobile device
  2. Meet your contact in person and establish a secure key exchange totally offline.
  3. Encrypt any content to your contact and share it over messaging or file sharing service of your choice.

Enjoy the world class security!

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Your digital identity and security of communications at your palm

Signet App is a security application for rapid and inexpensive deployment of confidential and secured communications on common Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) mobile devices. Use it for securing content with common communication methods, such as instant messaging apps or email, which cannot otherwise be considered secure. The application fully functions without any backend installations or services.

Signet App supports both iOS and Android smartphones, employing their best available security capabilities. Leading guideline in the Signet App security design was fulfilling the Finnish national security level TL-IV requirements which is in large part comparable to NATO Restricted and EU Restricted security classifications.

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Why to use Signet App

  • Secure by design

    Signet Cryptosystem design keeps the sensitive data clearly separated from the cryptographic secrets on the smartphones. The keys needed for cryptographic purposes are protected by the phone Hardware Security Modules.

  • End-to-end security

    The application gives protection against data leaks and fraud that are often fueled by weaknesses in common messaging services and practices.

  • User oriented design

    Designed to improve acceptance and ease learning. Simple and defined usage patterns minimize the risk of compromising sensitive data by user error.

  • Engage partners across organization boundaries

    Secure communications with partners and your supply chain when enforcing use of a single communication tool or service is not viable.

  • Low cost of ownership

    Signet App adoption and maintenance require minimal working hours, with no added infrastructure or hardware requirements.

  • Made in Finland

    Trusted messaging solution for both everyday and crisis use that has been developed by experts of cyber security in a neutral country, Finland.

How you can use Signet App

Create a trust relationship locally with your trusted contact directly between your devices

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Create and share a group of your trusted contacts for secure group communication

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Signet Digital security services

Do you need more than an application for secure communication? To create a tailored security solution for your organization, Signet Digital's cryptography and security experts can help you to assess the current situation and pinpoint the specific details where you need changes and improvements.

We have a user-oriented approach also in our security consultation to maximize the changes we help you make having real results instead of remaining as theoretical improvements.